Alma Funke
Kailua, HI
Products: Energy Cup, Live, Anion Emitter

I have 5 children and 11 grandchildren and I’m a Real Estate Broker and I am licensed in Hawaii and Arizona. I have been using every Juuva product and love each one of them.

One of my favorites is the Energy Cup. I get up every morning and shake my water in my Energy Cup. I also use two packs of Live in the morning and sometimes add Zing into the Live. I lost weight when I started consuming the products.

I love the Juuva Anion Emitter. I go to sleep with the Emitter on my chest. When my fingers stiffen up I use the Emitter to slightly circle around the joints and they start moving again. I love the Emitter, I don’t go anywhere without it, it’s one of the best things I have ever gotten.

Mertiss J Thompson
Seattle, WA
Products: Galaxy

I am a Master Golf Instructor and have been playing golf for over 60 years. My favorite product is the Galaxy. Before I started using Galaxy I had knee problems after playing golf for so many years. I would take the different products. I’ve tried the stuff you rub on your knees and would ingest pain killers, but I’m not crazy about taking pain killers for pain relief. A friend of mine suggested that I try Galaxy. I started taking Galaxy before I would go to the golf course and play a round of golf. Eventually my knees started feeling better and the pain was gone. I’m am again able to walk 18 holes and carry my bag because of the pain being gone. I tribute this to Galaxy. I take the Galaxy on a daily basis. It’s a great product.

Don Sherer Revised
Hurricane, UT

I started off my career as a combat Marine in Vietnam. Then I reticulated from there to a Military Lawyer in the Army in Germany. I went on to fly Leer Jets, helicopters and became an Aviation consultant. Then a helicopter crash brought a stop to all of that. I sustained some memory loss and injuries in the crash. So I went into kind of a retirement if you will. I was interested in looking for something because retirement was ok but I wasn’t able to fulfill my goals.

So I had started looking around. I was introduced to Juuva and the Energy Cup kind of off the cuff. Problem was I didn’t appreciate the need for alkaline water. So I bought a book and studied up on it. Wow this is very important stuff! I was fortunate to meet Master Distributor, Jeff Bracken, who resided in the same town that I did. So I started attending the meetings and began to see something that I hadn’t seen before. When I say before, I had dabbled in a few Network Marketing companies but this was something different. I had the chance and the opportunity to meet Frankie Kiow, Grant Pace and some of the other leaders of the company and realized there was a difference.

Well the products are fantastic and when I say fantastic I mentioned that I was in Vietnam and was unfortunately dosed by Agent Orange. So I had a number of health issues that derived from that and I had begun to notice that by using the Juuva products my life was changing.

After a few months of wearing the Anion Emitter I noticed that I was sleeping at night and this was a big thing for me. I’m now off the sleep medication that the VA prescribed for me. I couldn’t even walk up some stairs without holding on to the banister. I am much more agile now then I was even last year. I am feeling great!

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